2014-4-16 Hohhot – Casey and Sam

Casey and Sam 2014-4-16 Casey and SamOur day began with another early wakeup call and an hour bus ride. We arrived to our destination which was the Yili factory ("dairy farm") where we were met by our guide. She began the tour with showing us a scale model of the three parts of the Yili dairy "farm" in Hohhot. Our guide then gave us a brief description and background of each section. The area we were located in is also known as the eastern section. This handled most of the testing, product processing, shipping, and packaging.  Next we were introduced to the central processing area, which is soon to be home to the first dairy farm museum. It also provides housing to seven-thousand low and high wage earners. The last section, but certainly not the least, holds sixty-thousand cows and provides the factory with two-thousand tons of milk each day. The guide then brought us to the display of their four major product categories: milk, infant formula, ice cream, and yogurt. We continued with the tour which led us to an overlook of the production floor. There we saw a massive processing and packaging area. All of the items were being placed in a warehouse by robotics. We then were given a little free time to reflect and take in the whole experience. It was really an eye opening sight. A few of us, including Summer and Alana talked about how technology is changing our minds in such a way that we can’t even do simple tasks such as packaging and shipping. We now make machines do the work for us. We thought that if there was a way to employ humans instead of machines that could help improve many problems such as unemployment and pollution, which are global problems to be solved. We continued to discuss this matter and brought in others with different views on the subject to state their opinions. After a 15 minute, or so, discussion we got back on the bus and headed off the Jokhang temple. At the Jokhang temple, we both headed to the far end of the grounds where we found ourselves discovering beautiful decorations and feeling a spiritual vibe. We walked into the temple and saw a Mongolian woman who was spinning large silver cylinders attached to red wooden posts. After watching her do that, we assumed it was what you were supposed to do. So as we walked past them, we did the same. We came to a sudden stop when we found ourselves standing in a gorgeous room with decorations everywhere. There was a monk sitting peacefully in the corner and a woman on her knees praying. As we watched the woman pray to the huge Buddha sculpture, we both realized, in that one single moment, that we both were experiencing the same feeling. We looked at each other's skin and noticed that each of us was covered in goose-bumps. This feeling can only be described as weird, this was a very unfamiliar vibe which neither one of us had ever felt or had before. We walked out spinning the silver cylinders and as we approached the exit of the building. We grew anxious to tell others about our experience, and we strongly encouraged them to go check it out. We told Tom about this, and he gave his classic grin and told us that others have felt this before and many have even come out crying. This temple was different than any other we had visited before; it was authentic and had such a different non-touristy atmosphere. We then went to lunch and sat with a lively bunch. We, along with Chloe, Kevin, Kayla and Summer were taught Mongolian by our bus driver and our interpreter. We were having so much fun that Jenny had to come over and tell us to quiet down. After having an amazing lunch, we then went to our performance. During the thirty minute bus ride, we had vocal warm-ups and figured out how the performance would go due to Max being sick. Expecting forty-five minutes to get ready when we got to the school, we were rushed when we found out we only had 15 minutes to prepare. This stressed all of us out. As we were trying to run through the entrances and exits of the show, we didn't have enough space and we also realized we had forgotten the duct tape. After we figured it all out, we ran our show with a limited amount of errors, but one amazing crowd. After the show we were invited to go sing with a chorus, filled with very talented singers. This was the second time we had had been invited, and because we all had an amazing time, we decided that although it would require a long night, it would be well worth it.  At eight o' clock we headed to the rehearsal and had yet another amazing time. After arriving back to the hotel at 11:00 PM, we both knew that we'd be sleeping well tonight!  

3 thoughts on “2014-4-16 Hohhot – Casey and Sam

  1. Sounds like quite the experience for you all. Truly amazing how much you are all learning. So glad L&G have these opportunities for our students. See you soon.

  2. Another great story of events in China! Thank you, Sam and Casey for sharing your experience. We are all getting anxious for your return now. Spencer said “7 more days and Aaron will be home…then the next day it will be 6, then the next day it will be 5….” so cute! Out of the mouths of a 5 year old!

  3. Great essay! That sounds like so much fun all of you had. Enjoy your last few days in China. Looking forward to all the stories.

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